Tuesday, April 19th, 2016

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Уже написанный было мной пост:

..все-таки это свинство.
Я давно подозревала, что Паддингтон переведен ужасно: там пропущены целые огромные куски. В результате выразительность теряется напрочь.
Вот пример из самого первого рассказа:

- Генри! - воскликнула миссис Браун, входя в кафе с дочерью. - Что ты сотворил с бедным мишуткой? Он весь перемазался кремом и вареньем!
Паддингтон вскочил, чтобы приподнять шляпу, но второпях подскользнулся в лужице клубничного варенья и плюхнулся в чашку с чаем.

“Henry!” The sound of his wife’s voice brought him back to earth with a start. “Henry, whatever are you doing to that poor bear? Look at him! He’s covered all over with cream and jam.”
Mr Brown jumped up in confusion. “He seemed rather hungry,” he answered, lamely.
Mrs Brown turned to her daughter. “This is what happens when I leave your father alone for five minutes.”
Judy clapped her hands excitedly. “Oh, Daddy, is he really going to stay with us?”
“If he does,” said Mrs Brown, “I can see someone other than your father will have to look after him. Just look at the mess he’s in!”
Paddington, who all this time had been too interested in his bun to worry about what was going on, suddenly became aware that people were talking about him. He looked up to see that Mrs Brown had been joined by a little girl, with laughing blue eyes and long, fair hair. He jumped up, meaning to raise his hat, and in his haste slipped on a patch of strawberry jam which somehow or other had found its way on to the glass table-top. For a brief moment he had a dizzy impression of everything and everyone being upside down. He waved his paws wildly in the air and then, before anyone could catch him, he somersaulted backwards and landed with a splash in his saucer of tea. He jumped up even quicker than he had sat down, because the tea was still very hot, and promptly stepped into Mr Brown’s cup.

Что хуже - это не "один такой кусочек", так переведен абсолютно весь рассказ!

Дальше, правда, оказалось интереснее: тыц )

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